Kurryer: The Next Generation

There’s an old saying that goes, “Time waits for no one.” The same can be said of product development. No one can stop the march of time or the need to constantly update, upgrade or improve products. Thanks to cloud computing, we can now adapt to changing market demands much faster than we could just five years ago. That one factor alone has a major impact on how quickly we roll out new generations of Kurryer.

With an application like Kurryer, the need to evolve never ceases. As Daniel Burrus states in a recent Wall Street Journal blog, we’ve entered a new “Communication Age” that triggers a new level of urgency to deliver more enhanced social business applications.

Here we are in the first quarter of 2014 and ready to welcome the third generation of Kurryer. Since the Beta launch in late 2012, we’ve consistently grown Kurryer’s capabilities. Today, Kurryer remains true to its goal to increase the efficiency of mobile sales teams, ultimately improving results over the long-term. The third generation of Kurryer includes incentives, quick assessments and enhanced content capabilities. These new capabilities build on Kurryer’s value as a sales enablement tool offered at the lowest price point.

Kurryer’s focus is making sales teams more successful. During the initial R&D phase, this hinged greatly on leveraging social tools and the ability to brand content. In summer 2013, we expanded Kurryer with content management tools and in the fall, rolled out an enhanced mobile version.

In developing the the third generation of Kurryer, we listened to what users had to say. We heard loud and clear that enhanced content distribution is a key need for Kurryer users. That’s why you’ll see enhanced features in the third generation alongside other new features including:

  • Highlighting new and updated content

  • Immediate Portal-wide search capabilities

  • The ability to create an automatic catalog of the content in your Kurryer portal

  • Invitation only private sections

  • Increased personalization and customization of documents

  • The ability to organize your content by how your users will engage their clients

In his 2014 predictions column, Burrus wrote: “Social software for business will reach a new level of adoption with applications to enhance relationships, collaboration, networking, social validation, and more.” That’s certainly where Kurryer is headed with this new release. 

Drop us a line and let us know what you’d like to see in 2014.