Welcome NCA!

We are very pleased to announce that Network Computing Architects Inc. (NCA) has deployed Kurryer™,  our powerful social sales platform, among its sales force.

NCA is a rapidly growing, quality-driven technology provider of services and telecommunication products for businesses of all sizes in the Pacific Northwest and on the West Coast. The company specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of telecommunications services, network infrastructure, remote-access solutions and information security.

This is an exciting partnership for us. NCA’s top-notch sales team does an exceptional job in an intensely competitive market segment, and we’re confident that our partnership with them will deliver more successes for both of our companies.

Something cool to note: NCA’s sales team is particularly adept at using Kurryer’s social media management tools.

Social channels create tremendous opportunities for sales professionals to stay top-of-mind with their customers and prospects. But let’s face it – staying abreast of the latest and greatest social technologies can be a full-time job.

Kurryer makes it easy to incorporate social channels quickly and seamlessly into the sales process so sales pros can focus on their primary job – selling.

Kurryer streamlines social message distribution through a set of easy-to-use tools that is incorporated into the overall Kurryer platform and gives users total administrative control for customization and distribution. Messages can be personalized as needed and scheduled for publication in advance, enabling users to automatically distribute their messages at the most appropriate times.

All of these tools are managed on one dashboard, eliminating the need to switch from program to program, and they can be accessed and managed across multiple mobile devices as well.

We asked Tom Gobeille, NCA’s chief executive officer who also leads the company’s sales efforts, how Kurryer helps his sales team and here’s what he had to say.

“Kurryer gives our sales professionals a key competitive advantage in the marketplace. We work with multiple vendors who are constantly updating their product and services. We rely on our social channels to keep our clients and prospects up to date on the latest and greatest offerings, and Kurryer enables us to do that without breaking a sweat.”
 Social management tools are just one element of Kurryer’s social sales enablement platform. Using Kurryer, sales professionals can quickly access a cache of sales-related materials, from brochures and white papers to videos, then personalize the materials and send them immediately to a prospect or contact.  These materials can be accessed remotely with mobile devices and be personalized or customized on the fly in order to specifically match the need of the sales encounter.

Because the materials can be updated, customized and personalized immediately, this eliminates one of the biggest issues facing sales teams.

Companies churn out thousands of pieces of expensive sales collateral annually, but most sales professionals rarely use company sales materials and spend an inordinate amount of time each month creating their own sales materials, according to studies by the American Marketing Association and the Aberdeen Group.