Curating Content for Effective Social Marketing - Part 2

Part 2 of 2 Know your industry, brand, audience, and content.
In our last post we looked at what content marketing and content curating is. Leaving us with the question: how do you aim that enhanced content in the right direction? It starts by knowing your industry, brand, audience, and your content. However, we must lay out more questions in order to begin to answer our first question “how do you aim that enhanced content in the right direction?”


Know your industry and brand

In this world of digital and social media, the corporation is no longer just that, a corporation. The movement is toward identity. Picture for a moment, if Microsoft is Bill Gates and Apple is Steve Jobs, who are you? Give your social presence an identity and a personality and this will become ever more important in the way that you present your content. Are you broadcaster or a creator? Are you shy or engaging?


Know your audience

To curate content effectively you really need to know your target audience inside and out. Again, ask yourself the obvious questions, are your customers another business? Consumers? Both? Also, dig a little deeper, what are their age and income range, educational level, and gender? Knowing the answers to these questions will help ensure that you don’t bombard your audience with unnecessary content. A good rule of thumb when your choosing content (once you know your audience) is; does it enhance their life in any way, is it entertaining, does it solve a problem? You may be thinking at this point “Okay, so I’ve answered these questions, now what?” As a marketing professional you’ve probably engaged in traditional market segmentation—dividing your audience into subsets of customers who have similar needs, but this will only get you halfway to your goal of truly knowing your customer. A better way to understand your audience is to create personas—fictional characters that embody different segments of your existing and targeted demographic. Having personas will help you find content that delivers value, while helping you focus on customers needs by putting a human face on an often-abstract customer set. 

Once your personas are developed you’ll then have a better sense of how to reach your audience. You will also understand how to attract them and keep their interest, how to eliminate some of their problems, and how their purchasing decisions are made. So how do you attract them and keep them interested? Content.


Know your content

So how do you curate content effectively? There’s nothing worse than doing a bunch of work, and later realizing you’ve wasted time. It’s obvious that you need to find, understand, and filter the content you choose to use. Now again come the questions that are important in helping you with this task. What kind of content do you want: research papers, print articles, online articles, blog posts, site comments, tweets, or something else? Are you looking to repost others content? Or will you generate your own content? What formats will you use—text, graphics, video, something else? Will you use a professional service to create your content or will you reach out to your community for user-generated content? If executed properly, user-generated content is a great way to give your most dedicated customers a sense of ownership while deepening a connection with them. Are you currently using tools to collect, filter, and feed content to your audience and are they the best tools available?