Kurryer - brand advocate empowerment

We are “brand advocate people” by history and experience. Kurryer is here to create a winning package for you and offers your company our expertise in online marketing, social media and brand advocacy. Your business is our priority and we look forward to sharing our cutting-edge social media techniques. 

There’s no denying that social media marketing strategy is vital for digital marketers today. We knew there was an opportunity after we saw the results of the latest CMO Survey. We created a tool that brings your organization and your individual customer together. Finding an effective social marketing solution has become the top priority for today’s marketing specialists, and Kurryer is here to help.

Before you tell yourself,“My team is too busy to find out how to correctly use social media marketing”, it’s essential that you know the potential upside. Social media marketing allows your team to network on a local, national or global scale. In fact, we envision our service being used by large organizations, nonprofit groups, political campaigns and more.

We allow you to build targeted networks of your customers, based on our specific area of interest. The cost of this social media marketing low, so there are few cost barriers to creating as big and successful a network as you can. Your social media marketing accounts generate sales and business leads for your business all day, every day.

We're a team of marketers and product people that have diverse backgrounds in technical, creative, business, and project management fields. We are versatile, innovative, agile and enthusiastic. We appreciate the uniqueness of our clients, tailoring a customized approach to fit your needs. We can help you connect to some of the best social marketing solutions available. Our team can help you utilize Twitter, Facebook, social media marketing, customer engagement, LinkedIn, social media strategies, online communities, demographics, viral marketing, word of mouth, and crowdsourcing.

We know that your team is busy, so we made Kurryer’s features so easy to use that anyone can get up and running in minutes. We provide a one-stop-shop so every user can easily browse and pick the topics, messages and tools they care about. Kurryer allows every user to customize everything - from the user experience, to the connections that will see posts, to the actual content posted.

Today’s consumers are often plugged into their mobile devices while watching television, giving marketers an extra challenge to relay their messages. Your content must be spot-on in order to engage consumers.

Online and offline, your marketing program is all about people. We've specialized in building brand advocates over the years. We can help you identify your brand stakeholders—the people who have a natural interest or a stake in the success of your company or brand. Please visit our Kurryer website for information about signing up for a free trial of our service. 

Next week we'll get back to the key challenges you face in your brand advocacy program. [t1] What is stumping your team? [t2]