The rise of the empowered salesperson

In recent months, the news media has been all over a story called “the rise of the empowered customer.” Experts proclaim that customers surpass salespeople in product knowledge.

In fact, the Kurryer team has already debated this state of affairs here on the blog.More...

What’s ahead in 2014…?

There’s a lot going on these days — and much you can say about the year ahead. You could focus on the obvious, like the growth of mobile, or the obscure, like the subtle changes in the ways consumers pay for products and services. The most interesting development for me is the growth of what I refer to as assistive or concierge software. More...

NCA's Tom Gobeille on Security, Industry Trends and Marketing Needs

Rob Savette, Ethofy’s VP of sales and marketing, guest blogs today and delves into the world of cybercrime with Network Computing Architects.

I’ve known Thomas (Tom) Gobeille for a while now – he’s the president and CEO of Network Computing Architects (NCA). Based in the Seattle suburb of Bellevue, NCA is one of the top security consulting firms in the industry, and they recently deployed Kurryer among their sales force. 

Tom is a recognized thought leader in the IT world, and has a bird’s eye view into information security and other leading edge technologies. For this interview, Tom agreed to answer a few questions about the current threat landscape regarding cybercrime and what every business should consider. He also discussed some of the upcoming trends he sees among NCA’s own extensive partner network.

Rob: Are you seeing any new issues or trends emerging among your customers?More...

Mobile - The New Face of Engagement

The discussion around mobile customer engagement heated up last year with Forrester’s release of its Mobile Is the New Face of Engagement report. While their finding – that by 2016, smartphones and tablets will put power in the pockets of a billion global consumers – isn’t breaking news, the report was a wake-up call for everyone in sales. More...

Business is getting harder

No one said it would be easy. That’s the key finding of a recent Constant Contact survey of small businesses conducted earlier this year. When asked to compare whether it’s easier or harder to do business now than five years ago, 59 percent said it’s harder.More...

In the Game of Life, are you Greg the Fish Guy?

Do you remember playing The Game of Life as a kid? The classic board game is still going strong, with newly updated careers and life events. Times have changed, though. Now you can be sued for $100,000.

But can you guess the least desirable career card in the game deck? If you guessed salesperson, you’re right on the money.More...

The Smart Mobile world keeps growing

The other day I came across an interesting piece of research – sales of mobile phones dropped in 2012 for the first time since 2009 [ Tweet This ], pretty shocking stuff. Even more surprising is that the title of this blog is ‘The Smart Mobile world keeps growing’ – why would that be the title of a blog post that starts out by saying that mobile phone sales are down? More...

Three key connections you’re losing out on



What do sales people continuously hear? 

“Always Be Closing.”

That might sound great in principle but in reality sales teams frequently don’t have the tools or resources to make it happen. 

Here are three sales scenarios where we all lose opportunities:More...

What Futbol teaches us about selling

I’m a pretty big Futbol fan (being Argentine, it’s in my blood) and I was watching a game tonight before setting out to write a blog post.  As I thought about Futbol and Sales Enablement it struck me that “the beautiful game” as it’s called illustrates the most fundamental strategy to successful selling: space management.

Space is the difference between good and greatMore...

Customers know more than your sales team

I was recently looking for current statistics on what I call the “info-gap between sales and customers” and I came across some pretty stunning numbers (thanks to Motorola for sponsoring this Dec 2012 research):

3 out of 5 sales managers believe users are better
connected to information than their sales associates.

4 out of 5 sales associates believe improving communication
with managers would have a positive effect on shopper satisfaction.

I’ve been talking about this information gap for a while, and felt the numbers would be impressive, but even I thought these numbers are high.  Remember the classic family game The Game of Life?  If this were The Game of Sales then the customer would drive a Prius while the average sales associate feels they drive a Chevette.  Not a fair match-up, is it?More...